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Since 1991, Windsor has developed a reputation for finding and placing lateral partners and groups with portable business with law firms nationally. In addition to placing partners and groups, Windsor has extensive experience placing highly specialized and/or credentialed associate attorneys and patent agents with law firms and corporate legal departments throughout the U.S.   


At Windsor Consultants, Inc., we offer both contingency and retained search services, custom-tailored to meet individual clients' needs. 

Windsor Consultants has additional options to the standard contingency and retained search options, including exclusive search and container searches, which enable us to offer first right of refusal to the client, as well as regular reporting intervals and the ability to cast a broader net. When presenting an opportunity to potential candidates, these options generally get a response from the harder-to-recruit professionals.


If you are a law firm or corporation interested in working with Windsor Consultants, Inc. or would like to discuss our services listed below, please feel free to contact the consultant in your area:


Associate Attorney & Patent Agent Placements
Lateral Partner & Group Placements
In-House Legal Placements
Law Firm Mergers & Acquisitions

Intellectual Property & Patent Recruitment

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