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At Windsor, we know that every candidate's situation is unique and that the first few years of a legal career can have its ups and downs. That is why we take great pride in being able to help both patent agents and attorneys navigate the early stages in their legal careers. Many of our candidates will be making their first lateral move and may not know what to expect. That is why at Windsor, we make sure to educate our candidates on what to expect during the process and find opportunities that are suitable for them long-term.


If you are an experienced patent agent or associate attorney looking to see what the lateral market has to offer, feel free to reach out to the designated consultant in your area.  At Windsor, our consultants are always willing to help in any way we can. 


At Windsor, our consultants are experienced in understanding the complexities of a lateral partner move. While the process can be complex at times, we pride ourselves in knowing what it takes for a smooth transition to take place each step of the way. As a firm, we work with our lateral partners and clients to find situations that allow for synergy among all parties involved.  


Whether you are a lateral partner considering a move or a firm looking to grow, the consultants at Windsor are here to help. All inquiries will be held in strict confidentiality to protect you and your practice. 


If you are a partner with a portable book of business or a law firm looking to grow, please contact the designated consultant in your area.  


At Windsor, we understand the competitive landscape for in-house placements. That is why at Windsor, we seek to understand each organization and use our expertise to find the right candidate for each position. During our 40 year history, Windsor has had the pleasure of working with many of the Fortune 500 companies and have helped many find attorneys and compliance professionals to fit their specific needs. 


If you are a corporation or startup interested in working Windsor, please contact us at your convenience. 


At Windsor, we've had the opportunity to be involved in multiple firm mergers over the years. We understand the complicated nature that entails when two law firms consider combining and we strive to make the process as easy as possible for both parties. We know that there are many different aspects to consider in a merger, but most of all we seek deals that will benefit both firms and promote synergy between the two for long term success. 

If you are a law firm that is looking to acquire another firm or merge with another firm, please contact us at your convenience

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