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Recruitment Areas:
Intellectual Property & Patent Law


Office: (713)460-0586 Ext. 118

Mobile: (713)202-6821

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Dan Podobinski - Rocky Mountain States, Southwest and California 

Intellectual Property & Patent Recruitment

Dan is a Legal Recruitment Consultant at Windsor Consultants that covers the Mountain States including Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada with additional support in California. As a consultant, Dan specializes in placing Patent and IP partners, associates, and agents. In addition, Dan assists in placing a variety of commercial/business attorneys. 


At Windsor, Dan uses his engineering background and legal expertise to assist IP & Patent professionals with employment opportunities that provide his candidates the best chance to meet their career objectives and personal needs. 


Prior to recruiting, Dan spent more than 25 years as an engineer and project manager in energy exploration & production, overseeing environmental assessment, remediation and regulatory compliance programs in the pipeline industry. Dan's engineering background allows him to understand and relate to those in the IP & Patent industry.


Dan is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and has been in Houston, TX since 1982. He has a B.S. degree in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. 


Outside of work, he actively participates in a variety of recreational sports and hobbies. He also continues to be involved in a number of volunteer and charity programs. 

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